Our Story

Adamo’s Italian Bakery is the dream of Joseph Parisi, a second generation Italian-American. Joseph’s passion is to continue producing traditional Italian delicacies with the same high quality used by bakers in the old Italian neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York where Joseph was born and raised. Back then each Italian neighborhood flowed into one another. When viewed on a map extended from Coney Island north wards almost to the Brooklyn Bridge. One big sprawl. Truly a “Little Italy”. Each neighborhood had numerous bread bakeries as well as pastry shops all owned by immigrant Italian families, producing fresh quality baked goods daily, in the finest old world tradition.

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Adamo’s Italian Bakery was conceived from those vivid memories. Joseph has created an opportunity to introduce the same quality traditional Italian confections that were baked in the old world pastry shops into present day homes across the nation from his exclusive online store.




Our desire at Adamo’s Italian Bakery is to have you experience the same pleasure when tasting a fresh traditional Biscotto or a deep Chocolate  Almond Macaroon (gluten free) as an early morning companion to your favorite beverage or to see your children become excited when they know along with their lunch are some pure tasty confections.

From our family to yours, enjoy life!

                             Bon Appetito!    

                   Joseph & Sandi